• Compliance with legislation:

    The sale of officially registered disposable vapes with Portuguese stamp is a guarantee that your activity complies with the law.

  • Fast delivery:

    Fast delivery by express courier. Products will be delivered the day following purchase.

  • Quality assurance:

    We are official vape distributors in Portugal and our vapes are of the highest quality.
    However, in the event of a defect, we guarantee its replacement.


How to start cooperation?

If your company is from Portugal - just register on the website and place an order.

How to make a purchase?

Register your company on the website, select the desired products and pay. After payment, we will send an invoice and a delivery tracking number to your email.

How much is it?

The starting price is 59 euros for 1 box (10 vapes). The minimum order is 2 boxes. The final price depends on the number of purchases: the more boxes you order, the lower the price. To see the final price, register and use the price calculator.

Does the product price include taxes?

All taxes are included in the priceю Product subject to IEC. Final value not subject to VAT

At what price can I sell the product?

Mandatory RRP €8.50 / unit

Is selling vapes legal in Portugal?

We are officially authorized to sell disposable vapes with nicotine in Portugal. Our vapes are legal and have Portuguese consumption stamp and packaging in Portuguese.

How is delivery organized?

After payment, we prepare your merchandise for dispatch and send you the tracking number for your order, using which you can track your order. The shipping cost is 4 euros. You will receive your order the next day* after payment.

*Business days from Monday to Friday

Can I indicate a personal NIF for my purchase?

You can only do this if you are registered with the tax authorities as a self-employed worker.

What are your guarantees?

We sell high quality products and guarantee that you will not have broken or non-working vapes. However, if this happens, we will make a replacement.

Can I order a mix of flavors?

Yes, it is possible. Just send us a message on WhatsApp or an email to do so.

Still have doubts? Write to us!